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Ahmad Rug


Ahmad Rug

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This new arrival features subtle but beautiful colors. Handwoven dyed wool rug-- perfect for any room. It is finished with hand-knotted tassels.

Size: 39" x 82"

Imported from Palestine.

Join the small group of people who can call themselves owners of a genuine hand-woven Palestinian rug! The art of hand weaving is quickly dying and is now limited almost exclusively to a single small southern West Bank village, Samoa’, where women still pass down the art from one generation to the next. This women’s cooperative not only weaves the rugs but also raises washes, spins, and dyes the wool from local sheep. Unfortunately, these rugs are becoming more and more difficult to find, as the Israeli occupation chokes access to Samoa’, making it difficult for these women to sell their products in the greater marketplace. We braved 9 road blocks, 7 illegal Israeli settlements, and 10 sniper towers in order to get to Samoa’.


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