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Mount of Green Olives

Award-Winning Palestinian Olive Oil

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Award-Winning Palestinian Olive Oil

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Our delicious, award-winning, extra virgin olive oil is rain-fed and handpicked by Palestinian farmers in the West Bank (packed in 2021). The oil is all-natural (no chemical pesticides or fertilizers used).

You can buy our olive oil by the individual bottle or by the case.

A single bottle is 750mL (25.36 fl. oz). 

A case is six 750 mL bottles, and the BEST DEAL! With the case, you get $25 off, or one bottle free.

Our olive oil is also available in a 2L, or 1/2 gallon tin

"Best buy" date is April 23, 2023.

Product of Palestine.

The Mount of Green Olives buys this olive oil from disadvantaged Palestinian farmers on Fair Trade principles.


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