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Ceramic Small Plate from Gaza

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Ceramic Small Plate from Gaza

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Hand crafted pottery says "Gaza" in Arabic.

From the artisans of the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children in Gaza.

Approximate dimensions: 6.5 inches. Not every dish is exactly the same--some variation in colors.

Atfaluna Crafts is an income generation project of the Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children, the only institution in Gaza that is devoted to education and services for people with hearing disabilities.

Atfaluna Crafts was born out of the need for vocational training for hearing-impaired adults. Today, the project encompasses a number of workshops, including wood carpentry, ceramics, embroidery and sewing, painting, and weaving. In addition to the 51 Crafts employees, the project provides income for 250 women who work from home to produce the exquisite embroidery.
The impressive quality and stunning design of their crafts are a testament to Atfaluna's vision and dedication, which have succeeded in bringing out the talents and creativity of people who have long been stigmatized and neglected.


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