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Embroidered Eyeglass Case from Gaza - Colorful Geometric


Embroidered Eyeglass Case from Gaza - Colorful Geometric

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Hand crafted embroidered eyeglass case from the artisans of Sulafa. 
7 x 2.5", lined, embroidered on one side, black on back.

This hand embroidered eyeglass case is adorned with the stunning traditional Palestinian 'Necklace' motif and made with 100% soft cotton. Crafted by women of the Sulafa Embroidery Centre in Gaza, this slim and compact eyeglass case keeps small-framed eyewear well protected.

Sulafa is known for quality embroidery. The organization supports approximately 250 local artisan women by commissioning embroidered items. The purchase of one of these items allows these women to support their families, which often rely on one source of income.
Sulafa is more than a way for women to earn a living. It also helps to preserve the traditions within Palestinian society. Stories depicting life in Palestinian villages are conserved in dresses, scarves, pillows, bags, and other garments, making embroidery a way to tell and remember Palestinian heritage.


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