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Fatima's Hand Wall Hanging


Fatima's Hand Wall Hanging

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Small wall hanging, made in Palestine.
Approximate dimensions: 8.5 X 6"

Fatma's Hand is a popular good luck charm in the Middle East, believed to have the power to ward off evil eyes. This small wall-hanging is made with the Moreh cotton from Syria, and is adorned by the circular flower motifs popularly used in the south of Palestine.

The Haneen Project is an initiative established in 2007 in Balata refugee camp in the Nablus area in the northern West Bank as a result of Sunbula's training initiatives.

Sunbula, a Jerusalem-based non-profit fair trade organization, is a platform that supports marginalized women and communities in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Palestinian communities within Israel through traditional artisanal crafts.


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