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Baladna Olive Oil

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Baladna Olive Oil

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Our usual delicious, award-winning, extra virgin olive oil is not available. Our shipment was delayed due to many shipping/supply chain problems. 

We are featuring instead organic Baladna olive oil, bottled in Ramalah. After tasting a number of different alternatives, we agreed this oil is excellent and close to our own Mount of Green Olives Oil. We hope to revert to our regular oil in early spring and will keep you notified when it does arrive. 

You can buy our olive oil by the individual bottle or by the case.

A single bottle is 750mL (25.36 fl. oz). 

A case is six 750 mL bottles, and the BEST DEAL! With the case, you get $25 off, or one bottle free.

"Best buy" date is October 2024.

Product of Palestine.


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