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Rafik Majzoub: I Will Not Take a Little


Rafik Majzoub: I Will Not Take a Little

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This print is 22'' x 22.''

Rafik Majzoub is a rising star in the Lebanese art scene, heading towards international recognition for his works which traverse the rich territory between the personal and the social. His paintings and larger scale conceptual pieces explore the many facets of this territory — including the arrogance of power, the wounds it inflicts, the despair it creates, and even the possibilities it sometimes offers. His most recent works deal with the Iraq conflict as refracted through the daily news media and individual emotions such as confusion, hurt, and sarcastic anger. Other pieces investigate the general state of humanity as accessed through personal unease. Majzoub was born in 1971 to Lebanese parents and grew up in Jordan. He moved to Beirut in the early 1990s, where he began learning art from painters currently active in the country.

This piece of art was selected to be part of the "Justice Matters" exhibit, a joint project of the Middle East Children's Alliance, Alliance Graphics, and the Berkeley Arts Center. The collection was first exhibited in 2005 and includes the works of the following artists: Ayed Arafa, Jesus Barraza, Eric Drooker, Ala Ebtekar, John Halaka, Mildred Howard, Lisa Kokin, Rafik Majzoub, Toxqui Perez, Jackie Salloum, Josh Short, Christine Wong, Holly Wong, and Jos Sances.


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