Collection: Hebron Glass

The city of Hebron is known worldwide for its glassblowers and designers. Glass factories have been a feature of this city since the Middle Ages.

As you enter one of these factories, the temperature rises dramatically because of the furnace (al-furun) located in the center of the factory. The al furun is surrounded by two to four glass blowers who, as though playing a musical instrument, pull the glass out as semi-liquid, and blow through a pipe to form an object. The shaping process continues with a metal instrument (kammasha) and the vessel is complete. Then the glass is put aside into a small chamber adjacent to the furnace to cool down.

This process is repeated every two to three minutes in an amazingly fluid movement in spite of the intense heat. The traditional bold colors of Hebron glass include dark and light blue, turquoise, and light and dark green. More recently, they have adapted to include popular frosted glass.