Mount of Green Olives

The production of extra virgin olive oil by the Palestinian company, Mount of Green Olives illustrates Palestinian agricultural resilience amidst challenges posed by the ongoing Israeli occupation. The olive oil comes exclusively from organic, rain-fed olive trees cultivated in the central and northern areas of the West Bank.

Mount of Green Olives takes pride in its collaboration with Palestinian farmers using fair trade principles. They work with cooperatives and individual farmers—many of whom have lived on these lands and tended these orchards for generations.

To uphold the integrity of their product, Mount of Green Olives ensures they are in compliance with the standards established by the International Olive Oil Council (IOOC). Employing a blend of modern machinery and traditional farming techniques, the olives are meticulously handpicked and cold-pressed raw, yielding an oil characterized by its rich flavor and nutrient composition.

The distinctive characteristics of Mount of Green Olives' extra virgin olive oil, including its bold aroma and flavor profile reminiscent of freshly harvested fruit with a peppery undertone and subtle bitterness that mellows with time, underscore its exceptional appeal and quality.

Through their support of this product, consumers actively contribute to the preservation of Palestinian agricultural heritage.