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Keffiyeh - Red and White


Keffiyeh - Red and White

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48" x 48"

100% cotton; light soft fabric with knotted fringe.

The traditional Palestinian scarf is known as keffiyeh or hatta. The iconic shawl is the unofficial Palestinian flag and carries deep meaning for Palestinians in Palestine and the diaspora.

Unfortunately, local manufacturing has all but vanished. Most keffiyehs sold around the world are imitations produced outside of Palestine. These are meticulously crafted authentic keffiyeh scarfs, a symbol of resilience, hope and solidarity and best of all, made in Palestine.

Sourced from a textile factory in Nablus, each scarf tells a story of skilled craftsmanship and empowerment. These threads tell tales of Palestinian resilience in the face of occupation and apartheid and stories of artisans reclaiming their livelihoods.

The Nablus Keffiyeh Factory is an old textile factory in the northern West Bank that had been closed for years due to the Israeli occupation's stifling of the local economy. In 2023, a group of young Palestinians helped re-open the factory in order to make traditional products including high quality keffiyehs. The factory already employs 6 people working hard to make the keffiyehs to sell locally and internationally.

This keffiyeh is woven in Nablus, Palestine.


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