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Canaan Fair Trade

Lemon Olive Oil

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Lemon Olive Oil

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250 ml.

Lemon Olive Oil is made with ancient landrace Souri olives and fresh whole lemons that are crushed together at the olive press. This production method, agrumato, is unlike commercial lemon infused olive oil. It requires precise agricultural artistry in coordinating harvests for lemons to be at their peak of flavor in time for the olive season. The result is a top quality olive oil laced with a vibrant flavor. This is only prepared once a year during the olive harvest. Canaan Lemon Olive Oil is perfect for dipping, drizzling, or cooking vegetables, meat or seafood.

Ingredients: organic olive oil, organic lemons.

Canaan was founded to empower traditional farming communities. Agriculture is the most significant sector in Palestine and Canaan is engaged year-round with the farming communities, committed to long term partnerships based on fair trade principles.


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