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Wooden Palestine Key Chain with DIY Cross Stitch


Wooden Palestine Key Chain with DIY Cross Stitch

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Celebrate heritage and craftsmanship with our Wooden Palestine Map Keychain featuring a DIY cross-stitch kit. This charming keychain combines cultural significance with a personal touch, making it a perfect accessory for anyone who appreciates artisanal crafts and meaningful designs.

What's Included

  • Wooden Palestine map keychain
  • Assorted cross-stitch threads

Having finished a degree in Business Administration from Bethlehem University, Ccrafts founder, Claudia Stephan, was looking for work that she could do from home with her three children. She wanted to create something for local people, not tourists.

Children were her inspiration for making puzzles. She wanted them to put aside the iPad and computers and engage with toys that were interesting and challenging. She also wanted toys that were beautiful and made with safe materials.

Now CCrafts produces wood puzzles, olive wood ornaments, candle holders and many other products. It is still a small business in Bethlehem and MECA is pleased to offer her puzzles and other crafts to a whole new audience here in the United States.



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