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Jos Sances: Events


Jos Sances: Events

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This print is 22'' x 22.''


This print was created by Jos Sances, founder and Art Director of Alliance Graphics, to celebrate the work of the Middle East Children's Alliance for its 25th Anniversary.

Over the last 25 years, the Middle East Children’s Alliance has produced more than 200 large and small events to expand people’s understanding about the lives of children in the Middle East and contribute to their well being.

MECA Director Barbara Lubin and Associate Director Ziad Abbas regularly make presentations to students, activists, community groups, and at conferences. MECA works with Bay Area and national groups and coalitions including the Arab Resource and Organizing Center, the US Palestinian Community Network, U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, Rethinking Schools, and other organizations.

In 25 years, MECA has led more than 40 delegations of North Americans and Europeans to Palestine and Iraq. Participants visit refugee camps and pre-1948 Palestinian villages destroyed by Israel. They see the apartheid wall and the checkpoints. They meet national leaders, farmers, ex-political prisoners, health workers, and activists working to address every aspect of life under occupation.

MECA’s work is sustained almost entirely by contributions from individuals and when MECA was founded that was even more difficult than it is now. In 1990, MECA started a union screen-printing business to help cover expenses. Today Alliance Graphics employs 15 people and prints everything from T-shirts to mugs for schools, unions, candidates, non-profit organizations, and businesses in the Bay Area and beyond.


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