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Jos Sances: Mother and Child


Jos Sances: Mother and Child

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This print is 22'' x 22.''


This print was created by Jos Sances, founder and Art Director of Alliance Graphics, to celebrate the work of the Middle East Children's Alliance for its 25th Anniversary.

MECA Direct Aid shipments to Palestine, Iraq, and Lebanon have included baby food, formula, and powdered milk, warm winter children’s clothes, flour, cooking oil and other staples, school supplies and toys, tons of medicine and medical supplies including medical textbooks and journals, blankets, bottled water, and an ambulance outfitted as a mobile surgery unit.

“Direct aid from MECA provides desperately needed food, medicine, medical supplies and equipment, as well as clothing, books, toys and school supplies. MECA’s aid lets people living under occupation know that individuals in the United States believe we have a shared future. The aid we send is requested by our local partners, and we work tirelessly to get it to them, often facing major obstacles.”
-Barbara Lubin, Executive Director and Founder of Middle East Children’s Alliance


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