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Coloring Palestine

Kids' Coloring Book- Palestinian Patterns

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Kids' Coloring Book- Palestinian Patterns

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Introduce your children to the rich cultural heritage of Palestine with this captivating kids' coloring book, featuring 25 pages of traditional patterns found in tatreez embroidery and ceramics.

  • Unique Designs: Each page showcases intricate and authentic Palestinian patterns, offering a fun and educational coloring experience.
  • Tear-Out Pages: Easily remove each design to display your child's artwork proudly around the house.
  • Sticker Page Included: Enjoy a bonus page full of vibrant stickers, perfect for adding extra fun and creativity to their projects.

Let your kids explore and celebrate the beauty of Palestinian culture through coloring and creativity!


Coloring Palestine is the brainchild of sisters Roula and Rita Haddad.  

"Most Palestinians grow up surrounded by traditional embroidery and ceramics, with these beautiful patterns adorning our homes. Our family was no different. Although, like many Palestinians, we have never visited Palestine, these patterns are more than just designs to us; they symbolize our roots and memories of home. To preserve this vital aspect of our culture, we created Coloring Palestine."

Imagined in Dubai, researched in Beirut, designed in Bahrain, printed in Jordan, and enjoyed worldwide, the evolution of this book mirrors the diversity of the Palestinian diaspora. It is fueled by a deep love and commitment to preserving Palestinian cultural roots.


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