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Palestinian Medjool Dates

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Palestinian Medjool Dates

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Palestinian Medjool Dates, 17.6oz box 

These exceptionally large, luscious Medjool dates are soft and chewy with strong caramel notes. Enjoy as a sweet, healthy snack or add to recipes while cooking or baking. 
Ingredients: Medjool Dates (with pits)

Manufactured in a facility that also processes almonds.

These dates are grown by a 12-member farmer cooperative in the Jordan Valley, established in early 2000. Water shortages in the area forced farmers to seek out crops that needed less water to grow. Medjool dates not only require less water but can grow using the slightly salty water that sits under reservoirs of fresh water. These farmers work closely with the Palestinian Agricultural Relief Committee (PARC) who provide technical assistance, processing facilities, quality testing, and exporting services to get their dates inspected, cleaned, sorted, graded and packaged. PARC is a nonprofit organization that promotes the sustainable economic development of 41 farmer cooperatives, helps to improve water supply and critical infrastructure, and provides social services for women, children, and families in the West Bank.




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