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The Question of Palestine

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The Question of Palestine

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The Question of Palestine

by Edward W. Said (Author)

This original and deeply provocative book was the first to make Palestine the subject of a serious debate--one that remains as critical as ever.

"A compelling call for identity and justice." —Anthony Lewis

"Books such as Mr. Said's need to be written and read in the hope that understanding will provide a better chance of survival." —
The New York Times Book Review

With the rigorous scholarship he brought to his influential 
Orientalism and an exile's passion (he is Palestinian by birth), Edward W. Said traces the fatal collision between two peoples in the Middle East and its repercussions in the lives of both the occupier and the occupied--as well as in the conscience of the West. He has updated this landmark work to portray the changed status of Palestine and its people in light of such developments as the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the intifada, the Gulf War, and the ongoing MIddle East peace initiative. For anyone interested in this region and its future, The Question of Palestine remains the most useful and authoritative account available.


Publisher : Vintage, 1992
Language : English
Paperback : 320 pages
ISBN-13 :  978-0679739883


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