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Palestine Kids Coloring Book

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Palestine Kids Coloring Book

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Palestine Kids Coloring Book

By Basma Hisham Mohammad Nazer, Characters by Omar Adnan Al Abdallat, Illustrations by Salma Salah

There are 48 coloring pages that take children on a colorful journey throughout the geography and culture of Palestine. The coloring book follows the travels of a pair of Palestinian grandparents' most cherished memories from weddings to debke, favorite foods from knafeh to maqloobeh, and favorite landmarks from Jerusalem to Hebron. The book includes two pages of colored stickers. Bilingual.

Khoyoot (threads) is a non-profit organization that aims to empower women in Baqa'a refugee camp in Jordan and support refugee families who create products which preserve our beautiful Palestinian heritage. 


Publisher : Koyoot, 
Language : Arabic and English
Paperback : 50 pages


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